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Our Cabinets

There are two main types of cabinets.

Framed - Built with a face frame at the front which is used to hinge the door and keep the cabinet square. This is the traditional style of construction and will usually give a more traditional look.

Frameless - Built  with sturdy sides that stay square without the need for a front frame. This style was introduced in Europe about 25yrs ago and has been named 'full overlay' or 'full access'. Without the need for a face frame, the interior opening is usually 1 1/2" wider, leaving room for a wider drawer.

The quality cabinets we work with are offered in both framed and frameless styles. They are available in all plywood construction, with best quality hardware, made by Blum. This includes both drawers and doors having a soft close feature. We have more than 100 individual door styles, with numerous stain, glaze and distress finishes. The combinations are endless!

Together we can find
your unique style, perfect for your particular project.

With a state of the art facility a few miles north of the US border, Sollera Fine Cabinetry produces some of the finest quality cabinet solutions on the market today. Their material selections are excellent, and their processes very efficient, making the end product beautiful, durable and affordable. Please browse their website for much more information about their spectacular offering and their company's great practices. 

Tree wood
Wood - the essence of cabinets

Selection of wood materials is a critical factor in producing a fine cabinet. The climate, soil conditions and life span all have an effect on lumber quality. Ideal material for cabinets has stability, color consistency and strength.


We have been working with our two suppliers of fine cabinets for many years. Chosen for their quality of materials and craftsmanship, we are proud to offer their many choices of styles, species and colors.

cherry wood hood
butler's pantry glass doors

Located in Vancouver WA, Dewils Cabinetry has grown over the last 50 years into a mid-sized company that is remarkably still family owned. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship has not changed during all those years, making their customer service record one of exceptional status. With a capability of being able to custom build any type and style of cabinet, they also have a surprisingly well rounded mid-range offering. Use their interactive website to learn more about their Sustainable Approach, their Product Lines and their Construction techniques.

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