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Just the other day I got a call from our favorite cabinet makers. It was Mark from Sollera Cabinets letting me know I had won first place in their Summer 2022 Design Competition! I was truly shocked, and let out a loud hoot!

We chatted a little about the winning project, and I divulged that I had made a couple of mistakes that I had had to fix. He replied, 'I don't see them now'.

Through the process of design, and then its implementation, a lot can go wrong! Yes, we can all make a mistake. That is when the three critical players show their strength. The designer, the cabinet maker and the installer. The most important thing about mistakes is how you deal with them, and having a really supportive team is a must for a time efficient correction. And it is the element of time that usually dictates the smooth, uninterrupted job flow.

Sollera has been a wonderful partner in this respect. This collaboration has been a mainstay for ongoing customer satisfaction, as well as for those moments when we really need to pull out all the stops and get items repaired or replaced. They understand this, and will respond accordingly. So as they thank me for creating a Winning Design, I always thank them for standing behind their product, as well as behind me!

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