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Loving your new cabinets, but irritated that some of the drawer fronts are out of alignment? Here at Dreamspace design, we work with a cabinet maker that has a nifty fix for this dilemma. It's a metal plate that rotates, thus moving the location of the drawer front in relation to the drawer box. We use Blum guides and hinges that do have great adjustability, but this extra piece of hardware gives us greater maneuverability. After removing the drawer from the cabinet, take a pencil and mark the position of the box as it sits on the drawer front. This will give you a reference point when moving the front. Next, take a Philips or square head screw driver and loosen the screw slightly, as shown here. Move the front as needed. Tighten the screws back up, and test it out by sliding the drawer box back onto the guides. Repeat as necessary.

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